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Jacki Ueng, An American blogger and travel journalist, has published his memories and travel tips of her trip to Iran on her website, an excerpt of which I bring here.

“Can Americans travel to Iran?” is the second most commonly asked question after whether Iran is safe to travel to at all. The answer is yes, Iran is safe to travel to. And yes, Americans can legally travel to Iran, though it takes a longer Visa process than most other countries. It will also cost more because you’ll have to book a tour. Budget at least 3-4 months to get a visa approval so that you also have ample time to book your flight at a reasonable cost. As an American Tourist in Iran who just returned, I share everything you need to know to prepare for your trip to this majestic, historical, hospitable country that is so often misunderstood.

Jacki Ueng, American Tourist in Iran

Travel Tips For American Tourist in Iran

Despite the incessant negative media from the west, traveling to Iran is very safe. I can’t speak for people living there, but this is from my experience as well as dozens of other travelers (Americans and Iranians) that have been in the past decade. I have spoken to families of friends that live there as well. The country is suffering financially. Younger generations are having a tough time finding jobs (even more so because of sanctions). But safety is not a big concern for them. Traveling in Iran will be safe, given that you follow the law. Some people equate strict laws and extreme punishments to danger. Nothing is 100%, but if you follow the rules in Iran as a tourist, you will be safer than most countries in the world today. 

Read the full article of Jacki Ueng about travel tips to Iran here.

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Jacki Ueng, American Tourist in Iran

Jacki Ueng, American Tourist in Iran
Want travel to Iran? You Must First Know

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