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There is a village or neighborhood in the east of Taleghan town which has found a special attraction for tourists due to the traditional and mysterious habits of its inhabitants, although less tourism can enter this neighborhood or village.

Due to the fact that the people of this place have adhered to their old religious beliefs and avoid the manifestations of civilization such as electricity, gas and cars, this village has been called a static village (stopped in time). Another reason for the name of this village can be considered as their stop following Mirza Sadegh Mojtahed Tabrizi, who was one of the scholars of the time of constitutionalism and considered any manifestation of civilization as forbidden and considered the government permissible only for Imam Zaman.

Although the Turkish-speaking people of this village are waiting for the reappearance of Hazrat Mahdi (Imam Zaman), they do not hold any religious festivals and mourning ceremonies and do not go on Hajj or pilgrimage. Therfore some consider them to be of the Ismaili or Sufi sect.

The houses of this village are surrounded by high walls, but if you can enter through the iron entrance door of this neighborhood, you will see the warm-hearted men of this villlage farming on their fields, who, of course, complain that tourists disturb their peace. .

The breeding of expensive horses is one of the main occupations of the people of this neighborhood.

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Ista (Montazeran Mehdi) neighborhood near Taleghan town
Ista (Montazeran Mehdi) neighborhood near Taleghan town
Tourists come to see Ista (Montazeran Mehdi) neighborhood near Taleghan town
Tourists come to see Ista (Montazeran Mehdi) neighborhood near Taleghan town

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Want travel to Iran? You Must First Know

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