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Before describing the Qashqai wedding, it is better to give an explanation about the Qashqai people.

The Qashqai tribe is one of the great tribes of Iran. The Qashqai people are Turkic-speaking and live mainly in the central regions of Iran. The Qashqai people live mainly in Fars, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad provinces, but they also live in other central areas of Iran, such as Semirom and Fereydan counties, and in parts of Khuzestan and Bushehr provincies. Qashqai nomads also migrate between the southern and central provinces of Iran in different seasons of the year. (Summer and winter). Most of the nomads in Fars province are Qashqai.

Qashqais are happy people and one of their interests is to participate in celebrations and happy ceremonies. In special ceremonies, celebrations and weddings, the people of this tribe stand around a large circle while holding handkerchiefs and shake the handkerchiefs in a rhythmic manner along with the song of drum. They also have another dance called Choob Bazi or Darmaro. In this dance, the men of the tribe take turns dancing in pairs with two sticks, one short and the other long, and they hit the sticks to each other legs.

The women of this tribe wear colorful and varied clothes, including multi-layered skirts, tunics and short sweaters, and they also wear lace scarves on small hats. Of course, today, many families and women of this tribe, due to urbanization, do not always wear traditional clothes, but in weddings and local celebrations, they wear their beautiful and colorful traditional clothes and dance all together.

Undoubtedly, the great Qashqai tribe is one of the most attractive nomadic peoples in the world. People who, despite the passage of time and the invasion of modernity, still maintain their customs and enjoy life in a beautiful nature. The black tents, women in a thousand colors and happy clothes, the pleasant and energetic melody of Qashqai music, traditional foods and snacks, and finally the hospitality and kindness of the Qashqai people are the main reasons for the popularity of these lovely people.

The pictures you will see are related to a Qashqai wedding in Bideh village in Padena area of Semirom city. This wedding belonged to my friend, Behnam Moradi, who wanted to contribute to the revival of the ancient and beautiful traditions of this people by performing his wedding ceremony traditionally. In this wedding, women wore local clothes, although men did not wear traditional clothes.

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Qashqai Wedding
Qashqai bride and groom and Qashqai women dancing in local costumes
Qashqai Wedding
The groom’s mother gives the bride a bouquet so she then get off the horse
Qashqai Wedding
Qashqai women dancing en masse at weddings
Qashqai Wedding
The bride rides a horse to the groom’s house
Qashqai Wedding
The groom’s sister dancing with handkerchief
Qashqai Wedding
Sorna is the main instrument in Qashqai celebrations
Want travel to Iran? You Must First Know

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