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Kurdistan and Uraman region is full of natural beauties and attractive culture of rural Kurds. Darian dam lake, which is formed along the Sirvan river, has doubled the natural beauties of this region.
In this three-day tour, we will visit the beautiful nature of Uraman region and Darian Lake and the attractions of Kurdish villages of this region.

The beautiful nature of Kurdistan – Uraman

Kurdistan and Uraman region have a beautiful nature. Oak forests in a semi-mountainous area have created a special beauty. Sirvan river flows in a valley between Shahu mountain range and among the scattered forests on the slopes of this mountain. Numerous villages have been formed close to each other in the nature of Kurdistan. These villages, because they are generally built on a mountain slope, have a stepped structure.

Sirvan river and Darian dam lake

Sirvan river is the most important river in Kurdistan province. Numerous tributaries of springs and small rivers in the northern and southern parts of Kurdistan province join and form the Sirvan river. This river then enters Kermanshah province and after joining several other tributaries in this province, it enters Iraq and flows into the lake behind Darbandikhan dam in Sulaimaniyah province of Iraq.

In the provinces of Kurdistan and Kermanshah, several dams have been built on the tributaries of the Sirvan River. Darian Dam is the newest dam that has been built on Sirvan River between Hajij and Darian villages.

With the beginning of water intake of Darian Dam in 2015, gradually, a long lake with a length of about thirty kilometers was created in the beautiful forest valleys of Kurdistan. This lake is one of the most beautiful lakes behind the dam in Iran and has a lot of talent for tourism, water sports and recreation.

Palangan, the most touristic village of Kurdistan

Palangan is one of the villages of Uraman region in Kurdistan. Uraman region is a mountainous region in Kurdish areas where its inhabitants speak Horami dialect. Palangan village is built in a valley called Tangivar and houses are built on a mountain slope on both sides of the gorge. The houses on the left side of the strait are more modern.
Palangan is a stepped village and thus the roof of each house, in addition to being used as a courtyard or porch of the upper house, is also a part of the alley and passageway between the houses. .
A small river flows at the bottom of the gorge, which originates from springs and small waterfalls at the beginning of the gorge and flows into the Sirvan River after passing through the village.
Google map link of Palangan village

Beautiful faces of Palangan people

Palangan is the most touristic village in Kurdistan. This village is located 110 km northwest of Kermanshah city and 50 km away from Kamyaran town.

When we enter Palangan village, we encounter different scenes from what we see in most villages and cities in Iran. A kind of social freedom along with the charm and beauty of women’s clothing dominates this tourist village. A village that, despite being deprived, seems to have a high public culture. This issue is especially evident in the colorful and attractive clothes of the women and girls of the village and their significant presence in different parts of the village. I have seen examples of this presence and appearance of women in less rural and urban areas in Iran.

During the whole time we were in Palangan village, the Kurdish-speaking families of this village not only did not prevent us from taking photos and videos, but also treated the tourists with great pleasure. To my surprise, I was accepted by a group of Kurdish women who were weaving yarn and thread from goat and sheep wool, and I talked to them for a while, unaffected and intimate.

In the village of Palangan, where you walk everywhere, you see the people of the village sitting together in every part of the village. Especially on the roofs of houses, you see women and girls sitting comfortably and talking and watching each other. There is an attractive atmosphere here. A kind of social freedom along with the charm and beauty of women’s clothing rules this tourist village. A village that, despite being deprived, seems to have a high public culture.

Ravar village

Rawar is a village in Kurdistan province, which is located at the eastern end of Darian Dam Lake. This lake is formed in a long valley along the Sirwan River.

Before the Darian Dam was flooded, the Ravar was a village with stepped architecture on a mountain slope near the Sirwan River, but with the flooding of the Darian Dam in 1994, this stepped village was submerged and therefore some houses were built above the village to house its inhabitants. .

Regardless of the damages that Darian Dam has caused to villages, gardens, forests and historical monuments in the Uraman region of Kurdistan, but it has created a special beauty in this region. Transportation between the village of Ravar and other villages along the lake, such as Selin and Nav, is now done by motor boats. The distance between Ravar village and Darian dam is about 25 km.

Pomegranate orchards adjacent to the village are the remnants of orchards that were saved from being buried under water because they were upstream of the previous location of the village.

Access to Ravar village is via a dirt road that separates from Palangan road to Mariwan.

Google Map link of Ravar village

Selin village, a tourist village near Darian lake

Selin village is one of the most touristic villages in the Uramanat region of Kurdistan in terms of access to the beautiful lake of Dariyan lake (Sirvan River).

Selin village is located on the shores of Sirvan Lake (the lake behind the Darian Dam), at the western end of the lake.

The access route to Selin village is through Uramanat Takht village. From Marivan to Paveh road and somewhere near Tateh pass (Dalani pass), a side road separates to Uramanat Takht. In the continuation of this road, after Uramanat Takht village and after a mountain pass, you will reach Bolbar village first and then Selin village.

The Lake and forested mountains near Selin village have provided a good situation for recreational sports in this portion of Darian lake.

The summer houses located in the heights of Selin and Bolbar villages are among the most famous summer houses in Uramanat region, in a region on the border of Kurdistan and Kermanshah provinces. Drawyan is a beautiful summer resort that is located in the heights of Selin village.

Google map link of Selin village

Zhiwar village

Zhiwar village is located in Uramanat region of Kurdistan, in the heights of the western shore of the lake behind Darian dam (Sirvan river).

Zhiwar village, like most villages in the Uramanat region of Kurdistan, has a stepped architecture. Also there are vast gardens in the heights around Zhiwar village. At the end of this village, there is a beautiful gorge from which water flows.

Zhiwar village is not far from Selin village, which is the most touristic village on the shores of Sirvan River Lake.

Google map link of Zhiwar village

Darawyan summer, Uraman heights

Darawyan summer is one of the pleasant climate areas in the heights above the villages of Selin and Bolbar in the Uraman region of Kurdistan. To access this summer, you have to take a road that leads from the village of Selin to the heights.

Google map link of Darawyan summer

Naw village, near the Daryan lake & Bel spring

Naw is one of the most beautiful villages of Uramanat region in Kermanshah province near the border of Kurdistan province.

The architecture of this village is stepped and the houses are located on a steep mountain slope. In addition, the houses downstream of the village are perfectly located on the edge of a valley.

The houses in Naw village often have balconies and a large porch overlooking the beautiful valley in front of the village. The walnut and other fruit orchards are located at the bottom of this valley. The houses and the floor of alleys in the village of Naw, like the rest of the villages in the Uramanat region, are made of stone.

The view of the lake behind the Darian Dam (Sirvan River) can be seen through a mountain gorge at the end of this valley. The famous Bil spring is not far fram Naw village.

The overall architecture of Naw village is something like a European mountain village. The warm-hearted Kurdish people and the beautiful clothing of Kurdish women are other attractions of this village.

Google Map link of Naw village

Bel fountain, a larg mineral water spring

Bel fountain is one of the most famous and abundant mineral water springs in Iran, which is located near the village of Naw in Kermanshah province, and its water, which is the size of a river, flows into Darian Dam Lake.

Bel spring is one of the famous tourist spots on the shores of Darian Dam Lake. The exit location of this spring was previously at a lower altitude. But in order not to hide this spring under the water of Darian Dam Lake, the path of the spring was moved above the lake water level with tunnel digging technology.

Google map link of Bel fountain


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