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Talesh Tribe

Talesh tribe live in the northern regions of Iran and mainly in Gilan province from Astara to Rudbar. On the other hand, the settlement of Talesh people is located between Talesh mountains and the shores of the Caspian Sea. Also, the cities of Rezvanshahr, Talesh, Masal, Soomehsara, Fooman and Masuleh should be mentioned as the place of residence of Taleshi people. Although the Talesh tribes in Ardabil, Rezvanshahr, Hashtpar and Asalem cities have Sunni religion, most of the Talesh tribes in Iran are Shiites.

The people of Talesh live in two forms, sedentary and nomadic. Those who live together in villages and towns are called “Talesh” and their occupation is mostly agriculture, and those who live in mountainous areas as nomads are called “Galesh” and their occupation is animal husbandry.

The people of Talesh speak the Talesh dialect, which has similarities with Turkish, Tati, Gilaki and Persian. One of the characteristics of the Talshi tribes should be seen in the peaceful life of Sunni and Shiite groups together. Also, one of the traditions of the Talesh tribes is the Nowruz recitation ceremony, in which Nowruz reciters give the good news of spring.

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