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In this tour, we will spend two to three days in the beautiful nature of the Bazoft river bank in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, and we will visit the villages along this river, such as the village of Gazestan. We will see the migration of Bakhtiari nomads and their flocks of sheep along the roads. In the continuation of the route, we will visit Mori village and Toufe Kama Waterfall in the heights of Taraz Mountain pass. At end we enter Khuzestan province and visit the tourist area of Susan Sorkhab. We camp to spend the nights in the nature.

Bazoft River, among the oak forests with original landscapes

The Bazoft River is one of the main tributaries of the Karun River. This river flows in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province and originates from Keyno and Zardkooh mountain ranges 120 km northwest of Shahrkord city. This river finally enters Karun 4 dam lake.

Because the Bazoft River flows through mountainous and semi-mountainous areas covered with oak forests, it creates one of the most beautiful and original natural landscapes. These beautiful landscapes are very spectacular, especially from the source of this river to Chaman Goli town (Bazoft town). The Bazoft River flows through a wide and beautiful valley in this area. The winding path of this river among the white flat bed of the valley, gives a wonderful view of this river and the valley and the mountains and forests around it. A combination of blue, white, green and brown colors create a mesmerizing canvas in the area. The ridge clouds in the azure sky double the beauty of the natural landscape. The presence of these beautiful clouds is one of the benefits of traveling in the spring.

Gazestan village, at the bank of Bazoft River

Gazestan village in the province of Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari is located on the banks of the Bazoft River. It is just a few kilometers after the site where the Bazoft River separates from the Dashtak-Bazoft road and changes direction to the south. An asphalt road separates from Dashtak Bazoft road and continues to Gazestan village.

Gazestan village is a lively village and we saw rural children and teenagers active and cheerful.

Nature tourists passes through the village of Gazestan to visit Zarde Limeh Waterfall or on its way back from this waterfall.

Google map link of Gazestan Village

Nomadic migration, and flocks of sheep on the road

Every year in the middle of spring, Bakhtiari tribes migrate with their flocks of sheep from the tropical regions of the south to the pastures of Chaharmahal & Bekhtiari province. It is Nomadic migration.

In these days, on the road that runs parallel to the Bazoft River, we regularly encounter flocks of sheep that have occupied the road with their shepherds and dogs. Nomadic women and girls also rode on donkeys in front of the herd. Travel luggage is also on the backs of a number of donkeys. In the pouches   on the backs of the donkeys, they have placed small lambs that cannot walk with the herd.

Now is the season of spring and the days of migration of nomads and their herds. Although in recent years commonly sheep are been transported by truck from winter to summer places, however there are still plenty of sheep herds that are traditionally traveling the entire tens of kilometers on foot.

Seeing the nomadic migration through the roads is really beautiful and enjoyable.

Some tourists choose the nomadic migration route as a nature tourism route and travel with the nomads for a few days in order to get acquainted with the native culture of the nomads in addition to observing the natural beauties of these areas.

Mori Village, A beautiful Bakhtiari village

Mori village is located in the middle of Taraz mountain range. Taraz mountain range is a part of Zagros mountain range which is located between Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari and Khuzestan provinces. The inhabitants of Mori village are from Bakhtiari tribe.

Mori village is formed by a combination of stone houses and scattered tents that setteled on the green slopes of the mountain. Everywhere, greenery and plants have grown from the beautiful sedimentary rocks of the mountainside and created a very beautiful view of the spring in this region. Toufe Kama Waterfall is located near the village of Mori. A water stream flows downstream of the waterfall towards the village and irrigates the gardens around the village on its way.

We go to visit the beautiful cemetery of the village. Greenery and flowers have grown among the tombstones. There are two beautiful stone lions in the cemetery, which probably belong to the tomb of Khan and the village elders.

Google map link of Mory Village

Toufe Kama Waterfall, a triple waterfall in Taraz Mountain

Toufe Kama Waterfall is a triple waterfall. The water that falls from three separate parts from a high altitude merges at the bottom of the waterfall and again forms another waterfall downstream.

This waterfall is located on the border between Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari and Khuzestan provinces.

To reach Toufe Kama Waterfall, you have to enter a dirt road at the top of Taraz Pass on the Bazaft-Indika road and walk ten kilometers to reach the village of Mori. Toof Coma Waterfall is located in the highlands near Mori village.

To reach Toof Kama waterfall you must walk a relatively technical climbing route, and you may need a support rope on part of the route. It is best to use a local guide (from Mori Village) to climb this waterfall.

The nature of this area and the way to climb the waterfall is very green and has attractive geological features.

In addition the waterfall, you can visit the beautiful Mori Village and its Bakhtiari inhabitants.

Google map link of Toufe Kama Waterfall

Susan Sorkhab tourist area in Andika county

Susan Sorkhab tourist area is located near Sarbazar village in Andika county in Khuzestan province. The access route to this area is from Andika Road to Bazoft, which connects Khuzestan province to Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province.

Susan Sorkhab region is a beautiful, lush and refreshing area with rivers and streams, and several large salmon farms have been built in the lush heart of nature. The view of the oak forests in the heights of this region is seductive.

Google map link of Susan Sorkhab region

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