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In this tour, we will visit two historical monuments of Atashgah Mountain (Fire temple of Isfahan) and Monar Janban Historical Mansion in the western part of Isfahan, and then we will go to the beautiful Nazhvan Park, along the Zayandeh Rud and use the amusement facilities of this park, including the Birds Garden.

Monar Jonban historical mansion

Monar Jonban is one of the historical monuments in Isfahan related to the eighth century AH. The historical monument of Monar Jonban is in the form of a tomb and two minarets, which was built on the tomb of Amoo Abdollah Karladani, one of the famous pious people of the eighth century AH. The inscription on this tombstone, dated 716 AH, coincides with the end of the reign of Muhammad Khodabandeh al-Jaito, the Mongol Muslim ilkhan. The porch of Monar Jonban mansion is one of the single porch works of the Ilkhans period, which was built in the Mongol style; However, the shape of the minarets indicates that they were probably added to the porch in the late Safavid period.

The remarkable thing about Monar Jonban historic building of Isfahan is that by moving one minaret, the other minaret and the whole mansion will be moved. The height of the minarets is seventeen meters above the yard floor.

Google map link of Monar Jonban Mansion

Fire temple of Isfahan ( Atashgah mount )

The small mount of Atashgah (Fire temple of Isfahan) with a height of about one hundred meters is located at the end of the street of Atashgah, 8 km west of Isfahan and near Zayandeh Rud River. There is an octagonal brick room on top of this mountain, which, despite being brick, has been protected from natural disasters for centuries. This chamber probably belonged to the Sassanid period and was Zoroastrian shrine, Although it was used to be a fort too.

In addition to a single room at the top of Atashgah mount, there were a series of old buildings and roads and probably tunnels next to this room down to the hill, of which only remnants are now available.

This complex has an ancient historical background. Mount Atashgah is said to have been a sacred place and burial place of the Prophet Tahmurth, who lived around the sixth century BC. It also has a secret tunnel to Khomeini Shahr and was considered one of the most important centers for keeping treasures during the invasion of Iran by Alexander the Great.

The building texture of this complex is made of brick layers. Between the two rows of bricks, a thin layer of straw (brought from the river) was placed to increase its strength.

Google map link of Fire Temple of Isfahan (Atashgah Mount)

Nazhvan Park, a long coastal park along Zayandeh Rud

Nazhvan Park is a long coastal park located along the Zayandeh Rud River in the west of Isfahan.

There are numerous recreational and tourism facilities in Nazhvan Park. The Isfahan Birds Garden and Underground Aquarium Tunnel are located at the end of Nazhvan Park. Also there is a cable car route along this park.

Google map link of Nazhvan Park

Isfahan Birds Garden, at the end of Nazhvan Park in Isfahan

I recommend that you include a visit to the Isfahan Birds Garden in your Isfahan tour program. It is a beautiful and cool collection of nice birds that roam freely around you, in a large pleasant space that is surrounded by a net at a great height.

Isfahan Birds Garden, is located at the end of Nazhvan Park in Isfahan.

Google map link of Isfahan Birds Garden

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