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In a two-day tour, we have a visit to the desert town of Tabas and the natural beauties around it.

First we visit Imamzadeh Hossein holy shrine in Tabas and then visit the Golshan Garden of this city. Then we go to visit the Ezmighan village and Kal Jeni valley in the north of Tabas and at the end we visit the beauties of Morteza Ali hot spring and Shah Abbasi historical arch in the east of Tabas.

Tabas and Imamzadeh Hussein holy shrine

Tabas is a town in the western part of South Khorasan Province. This town is located between cities of Isfahan and Yazd to Mashhad. They have built a large and beautiful courtyard with a pleasant green space for Imamzadeh Hossein in Tabas. This Tourist pilgrimage complex is used as a place for travelers and for Imam Reza pilgrims to rest on the way to Mashhad.

In the east of Tabas, a mountain range stretches from north to south. Villages, springs and natural features on the western slopes of this mountain range have created unique natural attractions such as Morteza Ali hot spring, Kal Jeni valley and the beauties of Ezmighan village.

The Golshan Garden Park of Taba is also beautiful and spectacular.

Google map link of Tabas town

The Golshan Garden of Tabas

The Golshan Garden of Tabas is a beautiful garden with a variety of tropical and non-tropical trees, along with a stream that flows from an aqueduct above Tabas to this garden. In the large pool in the middle of the garden, in addition to ducks, live some beautiful pelicans. These pelicans, which have been kept in Golshan Garden for many years, have now become a symbol of this garden and the city of Tabas, and they are among the sights of this desert city for its travelers and tourists.

Google map link of Golshan Garden of Tabas

The village of Ezmighan

Ezmighan village is located 35 km north of Tabas and at the foot of a mountain range that stretches from north to south in the eastern part of Tabas.

Ezmighan village has a permanent water stream and therefore there is no shortage of agricultural water, which is why rice cultivation has become common in this desert region, and rice paddies among the palm trees have created a beautiful view. Citrus and summer crops are also grown around this village. All this has caused us to see the trees and products of hot and cold together in the village of Ezmighan.

In the middle of the village, natural and artificial ponds of water and reeds and palm trees and paddy fields give us beautiful views.

Along the water stream above the village of Ezmighan, we reach a relatively large farmland, adjacent to a vertical wall of mountain hills in which cave-like cavities have long been dug. This area is called Khanik.

Continuing the route, we reach beautiful ponds at the foot of the rock cliffs that are the source of this small river. The water of the ponds is very clear and also there are many small fish in them. These so-called Doctor Fish gather around your feet and peck  at your feet and provide you with a natural and pleasant massage.The beautiful bedrock basin of this area with clear and transparent water is very suitable for swimming. This place is also known as the bridal bed (Takht-e Aroos).

The access route to Ezmighan village is through Tabas road to Boshrouyeh.

Google map link of Ezmighan village

Kal Jeni Valley, the Grand Canyon of Tabas

Kal Jeni Valley is located near the village of Ezmighan, 30 km north of Tabas.

The Kal Jeni Valley, can be called as the Tabas Grand Canyon, is a rift and valley on the flat slopes of the eastern Mount of Tabas. This valley is created by water erosion coming out of the village of Ezmighan and deep into the valley until finally in the middle of The valley enters a canal like an aquedact canal that directs water to the lands outside the valley.

Kal means a valley caused by water erosion, and the name of the Jeni on this valley is due to the dreadful state of its high and winding walls, which is probably sometimes accompanied by the sound of the wind.

Google map link of Kal Jeni valley

Morteza Ali Hot Water Springs & Shah Abbasi arch

In the hurt of the mountain range, about 25 km east of Tabas, and after the villages of Mehrabani and Kharv (Kharv), there is a beautiful valley path through which water flows, which originates from the springs and waterfalls at the end of this valley. Some of these springs and small waterfalls are hot water and a spring above them is cold water. Hot and cold water move adjacent together without mixing thoroughly.

Also a beautiful and intact historical dam is located at the end of this valley, which is known as the arch or dam of Shah Abbasi.

Shah Abbasi Arch is a historical monument related to the Safavid period, a dam that was built between the two walls of the valley in a narrow passage. The height of this dam is 60 meters and its width is only one meter. There is a short passage under this dam. The task of this dam is to control the passage of large floods that may occur in this valley.

Google map link of Morteza Ali fountain

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