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Iran is a vast country in the Middle East region of Asia. Iran is a country of four seasons due to its location in a temperate climate and in a middle latitude, ie spring, summer, autumn and winter are fully represented in Iran. Relatively cold winters and relatively warm summers and beautiful spring full of flowers and colorful and magical autumns can be seen in different parts of Iran.

On the other hand, the size of Iran has caused us to see different climatic zones in the country. For example, in the days when we see cold, rain and snow in the mountainous areas of the north of the country, at the same time in the warm waters of the southern coasts of the country, you can swim and sunbathe.

Or while we see numerous forest areas in the foothills of the Alborz and Zagros mountains, in a large area of ​​central Iran, there are pristine and uninhabited deserts. The forests of the northern regions of the country are Hyrcanian forests that are one of the most unique forests in the world in terms of diversity and density of trees, and deserts from Iran such as Lut desert are one of the most beautiful desert regions in terms of geological ecosystem. Oak forests in the west of the country in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains are one of the most diverse and beautiful oak forests in the world.

On the other hand, in terms of farms and agricultural products, Iran is a fertile and diverse climate. While we have beautiful tea and rice fields in the northern regions of the country, we see vast palm groves in the southern parts of the country.

We also see a lot of diversity in terms of ethnicities living in Iran. Kurdish tribes in the western regions of Iran and Baluch tribes in the eastern regions of the country are among the many ethnic groups in Iran. We have Azeri tribes in the northeastern regions of the country, while we see Lor and Qashqai tribes in the central regions of the country.

Despite the multiplicity of ethnicities living in Iran, but the common cultural points of these tribes have made the Iranian people known in the world as hospitable and warm-hearted people. The level of welcome and love that Iranian people and families show to tourists is less seen in other lands.

Iran is also very rich culturally and historically. Historical civilizations of several thousand years have ruled in this country. Cyrus the Great, who was the founder of human rights in the world two thousand years ago, belongs to this land, and famous poets of world history, such as Ferdowsi, Rumi, Hafez, and Saadi, originated in Iran. The multiplicity of historical monuments in Iran indicates the historical and cultural richness of this land. While we see the majestic palace of Persepolis and historical monuments related to the Achaemenid and pre-Islamic periods in the Fars region, we see large and beautiful buildings related to the Safavid period in Isfahan. Also we can see the culture left over from the Zoroastrian religion in Yazd province.

Some surprising facts about Iran

  • Iranians are not Arabs and don’t speak Arabic, majority of Iranians are Persians with a minority of Azeris, Kurds, Lors, Baluchis, Arabs etc.. The official language of Iran is Persian.
  • Unlike what most people think, Iran is not a huge desert, Iran actually has forests, rivers, lakes, mountains and even ski resorts. Although there are deserts and dry areas too, like Dasht-e Lut and Dasht-e Kavir, but Iran is also mountainous with Alborz mountains covering south and Zagros mountains covering west of Iran.
  • Women aren’t covered in black from toe to head. Although wearing Hijab is mandatory (sadly) but most people wear it in loose way

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Iranian calligraphy and calligraphic artists
Towards Safa Mountain - Isfahan
Towards Sofeh Mountain – Isfahan
A view of Isfahan City
A view of Isfahan City, from Sofeh mount foot
Sio Se Pol Bridge
Sio Se Pol Bridge , Isfahan
Susan Sorkhab tourist area, Andika
A man of Bakhtiari tribe, north of Khuzestan
Sightseeing on the Asalem to Khalkhal Road
Sightseeing on the Asalem to Khalkhal Road. north of Iran
Shahdad Desert
Shahdad Desert, Kermman province
Forty Pillars Mansion in Jameh Mosque of Isfahan
Jameh Mosque, Isfahan
Masuleh village, Gilan province
Badab Soort springs
Badab Soort springs, Mazandaran Province
Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Isfahan
Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Isfahan
sculpturing and Iranian artists

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Want travel to Iran? You Must First Know

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