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In this article, I have collected some tips to know when traveling in Iran.

1- Although the currency of Iran is Rial, but all transactions are done in Toman, which is equivalent to ten Rials. In fact, the Rial is a very old currency that has not yet been removed from the Iranian financial system. Due to the devaluation of money in Iran at present, even the Toman is not worth much and exchanges less than one thousand Tomans have almost no place in people’s daily lives.

2- Due to sanctions, Iran’s banking system is not connected to the network of world banks. Therefore, foreign tourists can not use their credit cards in Iran and must bring cash with them.

3- Iranians have a habit in their relations called Tarof. This means that out of respect for you, they may prevent you from paying when calculating expenses. But this may be just a Tarof. In these cases usually you must have your own payment.

4- Iranian water piping system is usually purified and drinkable unless there is a sign of non-oral use.

5- There is a public toilet in most parks of Iranian cities.Almost all public toilets in Iran are squat toilets. Toilet papers are found rarely in public toilets, so bring yours. 

6-One of another important tips to know when traveling in Iran is In Iran, drinking alcohol and eating pork is prohibited. The only beers consumed in Iran are non-alcoholic. The most common drink in Iran is tea. In terms of meat consumption, they mostly use lamb and mutton, while beef and veal are less consumed.

7- The weekly holiday of Iranians is Friday. Of course, schools and some offices are also closed on Thursday.

8- In terms of dress code and clothing in public places, you should observe the following points: Women should have a scarf and the skin of their hands or feet should be covered. Men’s clothing has no restrictions, just do not use shorts.

9- Foreign tourists who come to Iran can receive an Iranian SIM card for mobile by presenting their passport number. These prepaid SIM cards provide tourists with the possibility of making phone calls to and from the country, texting and using high-speed internet. These SIM cards can be purchased at airports and shops of mobile operators in cities. See more information here.

10 – It is possible to connect to the Internet in most parts of Iran, which is often high-speed. But some websites and mobile apps in Iran are blocked, such as Facebook and YouTube. In these cases, these sites can be accessed by installing filter breaker (VPN) programs.

11- Accommodation of unmarried tourist couples usually does not have much problem in Iranian hotels. Although Iranian law makes a couple’s stay together in a hotel only conditional on their marriage or family relationship, they are usually not objectionable to foreign tourists. But if your couple is Iranian, you must provide your marriage documents.

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Want travel to Iran? You Must First Know

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