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Unfortunately, the propaganda of the Western media against Iran has caused tourists to doubt and fear to travel to Iran. But you should know that these propaganda are very far from reality and are mainly due to the hostile policies of governments towards each other.

To properly assess the issue of tourist safety in Iran, it is enough to pay attention to the reports of tourists who have returned from Iran. An example of these reports can be seen here.

In fact, the Iranian people are among the most hospitable and warm-hearted people in the world. Iranians are especially kind and sincere to Western and American tourists and do not hesitate to help. They welcome tourists with warmth, smiles and laughter, and even invite them to their homes. This issue is common among foreign tourists returning from visiting Iran, who are surprised by the difference between media advertising and what they saw in Iran.

Apart from the Iranian spirit of hospitality, what that has Intensified Iranians curious and interest in Western tourists maybe the limitations of Iran’s international relations in past years. perhaps this restrictions imposed on the Iranian people have created a thirst to become friends with the people of the West and the Americans. The people of Iran are not only not in conflict to European and Americans, but also tend to have closeness and cultural relations with them.

In general, the security of travel to Iran is significantly higher than in many other countries, and the rate of public crime against tourists is much lower than in some other Asian countries.

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Drew Binsky
Drew Binsky points of view in trip to Iran
Tina Patterson in Minab
Tina Patterson in Minab
Every day many foreign tourists visit Isfahan Music Museum
foreign tourists in Isfahan Music Museum
A tourist tries to play music
A tourist tries to play music in Isfahan Music Museum
An Iranian couple playing music
An Iranian couple playing music
An old mosque in Kiasar city
The spirit of honesty, godliness and humanity of Iranians, Praying in a mosque
Want travel to Iran? You Must First Know

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