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Iranian Tribes

Iranian Tribes

Iran has people of different ethnicities. all of Iranian tribes consider themselves to have an Iranian identity and are dependent on the history and national identity of Iran. Iranian tribes have so far celebrated Iranian national holidays. Islamic festivals and mourning are also very common among these tribes. On the other hand, in addition to Islam and the Shiite religion, there are followers of religious minorities among the Iranian ethnic groups.

The majority of Iranians are of Persian descent. Persians are of Elamite or Aryan descent who migrated to the plateau of Iran in the second millennium BC and named Persia after Iran. Of course, there is a lot of cultural and racial mixing among Iranian ethnic groups.

List of Iranian ethnic groups and Iranian Tribes :

  • Pars

  • Azeri (Turk)

  • Mazeni

  • Gilak

  • Talesh

  • Kord

  • Lor

  • Bakhtiari

  • Qashqai

  • Lak

  • Arabs

  • Turkmen

  • Sistani

  • Baloch

  • Tat

And some smaller tribes and ethnic groups :

  • Armenian

  • Georgian

  • Baseri

  • Assyrian

  • Chaldean

  • African‌Tabar

  • Gypsy

Religious groups among the Iranian tribes and ethnic groups :

  • Islam (Shia and Sunni)

  • Zoroastrianism (Mazdisna)

  • Judaism

  • Christianity (Armenian, Georgian, Assyrian, Chaldean, Circassian)

  • Sabein

  • Kurdish religions (Yarsan, Izadian)

  • Baha’is

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