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In a four-day program, we visited some of the attractions of Tabriz and some other parts of East Azerbaijan. In Tabriz, we visited Eynali Mountain, Shah Goli lake and Park, Azerbaijan Museum, the Blue Mosque and the Miniature Park. Then we went to Lake Urmia and after that we went to visit the rocky village of Kandovan.

Following the program, we went to the town of Kaleybar, 200 kilometer north of Tabriz. In a mountaineering program, we climbed a mountain near the town of Kaleybar through a forest valley, above which is the historical fort of Babak (Babak Castle).

Eynali Mountain promenade, Tabriz

Eynali is called a low mountain with an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level in the northern suburbs of Tabriz, on top of which is the tomb of two sons of Imam Ali.

The asphalt road is stretched in a winding path to the top of this mount. There are several shortcuts for hiking and trekking.

The slopes of the Eynali height have been artificially forested over a large area, and in addition, a large artificial lake has recently been set up near the summit. The cable car is also one of the amenities of Eynali promenade in Tabriz.

Google map link of Eynali Mount promenade

Shah Goli (El Goli) Lake, Tabriz

El Goli (Shah Goli) is a large old lake of five and a half hectares in the eastern part of Tabriz and was previously used to irrigate gardens and farms around the city.

In the middle of the lake, a beautiful octagonal mansion on two floors has been built, which is currently used as a restaurant.

The walking paths around the lake and the beautiful flower arrangements around this lake have given a special beauty to this environment. In addition, in the forested hills around the lake, artificial waterfalls have been constructed in the form of stepped paths, which has added to the beauty of here. The view of the lake and its pergola mansion, from the top of the hills or around the lake, is spectacular. A large park has been set up around the El Goli Lake.

Google map link of El Goli Lake

Khaqani Park & Blue Historical Mosque

There is a small park between the Blue Mosque and the Azerbaijan Museum in Tabriz. A large statue of the great poet, Khaqani, has been installed in this park and that is why it is known as Khaqani Park.

The Blue Mosque of Tabriz, adjacent to Khaqani Park, according to the inscription on its entrance, was built in 845 AH during the reign of Sultan Jahanshah, the most powerful ruler of the Qaraqoyunlu dynasty.

In the earthquake of 1158 AD, a lot of damage was done to the mosque and as a result of this earthquake, the domes of the mosque collapsed. Therefore, what we see from this mosque at the moment is in some parts the result of recent reconstructions. In a part of the mosque, there is the tomb of Jahanshah and his wife.

Google map link of Blue Mosque, Tabriz

The Museum of Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijan Museum in Tabriz city is considered as the second archeological museum in the country, after the National Museum of Iran. In this museum, both antiquities and works of art are on display. Some of the exquisite antiquities of this museum date back to about four to five thousand years ago.

In a part of the Azerbaijan Museum, metal statues made by Mr. Ahad Hosseini, one of the late artists of Tabriz, have been displayed.

In the courtyard of the Azerbaijan Museum, some historical stone statues are on display.

The Azerbaijan Museum is located near the Khaqani Park and the Blue historical mosque.

Google map link of Azerbaijan Museum

The Miniature Park of Tabriz

In the open environment of the Miniature Park of Tabriz, the large replica of some tourist spots of Tabriz and Azerbaijan has been exposed to the viewers. Signs also show the information related to that tourist spot.

Google map link of the Miniature Park of Tabriz

Lake Urmia

Urmia Lake is the largest inland lake in Iran and has salt water. The two east and west sides of the lake are connected by a bridge and a road that passes through the lake. Shallow Lake Urmia has several islands.

For a long time, the phenomenon of drought along with mismanagement of water resources has led to the drying up and dehydration of large parts of Lake Urmia. The views from the wrecked docks and the ships and boats left on land are evidence of this deplorable environmental situation. These landscapes have been created by the decline and regression of the lake water.

Google map link of Lake Urmia

Kandovan village, with houses dug into the rocks

Kandovan village is a village with houses dug in the rock, located in East Azerbaijan, 55 km south of Tabriz. This village is several thousand years old. Examples of such rock villages are Cappadocia in Turkey and Dakota in the United States, with the exception that the people of Kandovan still live in rock houses.
Kandovan village is located at the foot of Sahand mountain and the conical rocky ridges of the village are the result of freezing of ash and volcanic material of Sahand mountain.

Google map link of Kandovan Village

Towards Ahar and Kaleybar

Following the program, we went to the town of Ahar and then to Kaleybar 200 kilometer north of Tabriz.

In the road of Tabriz to Ahar, 25 kilometer north of Tabriz we could see the beautiful coloured mountains that are named Ala Dagh Lar.

The forest valley, east of Babak Fort

On the east side of the mountain, on which Babak Fort is located, there is a valley covered with a forest. This valley is one of the ways to climb the peak. In the middle of the valley, the stream water flows down from the white and polished rocks and in some parts it turns into small and beautiful waterfalls. Polished and beautiful rocks and boulders are slippery due to the flow of water and the presence of moss and lichen and should be passed with caution.

The photos below show the beauty of this heavenly path to some extent.

Babak Fort, belong to Sassanid period

Babak Fort is located on a mountain near the city of Kaleybar, 200 km north of Tabriz in the province of East Azerbaijan. This fort belongs to the Sassanid period and after the Arab invasion of Iran in 893 AD, it was used by Babak Khorramdin to defend and confront the Arabs.

Babak Fort is located near the forests of Arasbaran and has a lush nature. The height of this castle is 2300 meters above sea level.

Two routes can be used to climb the mountain and access Babak Fort. The north route is relatively simple and part of the beginning of the route can be walked by vehicle. The  other ascent route passes through the eastern front of the mountain through a beautiful forest valley. This route is relatively more difficult but also more beautiful and you will encounter forest beauties during the climb.

Google map link of Babak Fort

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Want travel to Iran? You Must First Know

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