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Ab Malakh waterfall, 50 km south of Semirom, is a unique waterfall. A small river that originates from a spring above a stone bridge, flows into the river and thus a beautiful curtain waterfall is formed from the top of the bridge into the river. The Marbor River has strong waves in this part of the route.

The roaring river of Marbar is a river that originates from the heights of Padna region of Semirom city in Isfahan province and finally flows into Khersan river, which finally joins Karun river.

On a part of this river near the village of Ab-Malakh, a natural bridge has been created, that is, a part of the mountain is placed on the river like a rock and a huge boulder, and the Marbor River flows through a mouth below this rock.

The water of a spring, falls right from the top of this huge boulder into the Marbor River. The cave and spring of this waterfall are also located on the rocks of this boulder.

This huge rock is called Takht-e-Soleyman ( that means the Throne of Solomon ).

A part of the spring water above Takht-e-Soleyman flows into the Marbar River from the back of the rock, which is also very spectacular, but the access route to there is difficult and River becomes extremely roaring and dangerous there. The Marbor River has taken the lives of several people in this part of its route so far.

This exceptional complex of cave, spring, river, natural ston bridge and waterfall is unmatched in Iran.

To reach Ab Malakh and Takht-e-Soleyman waterfall, move from Semirom road to Yasuj. Forty kilometers later, you will reach a three-way road that will take you to Yasuj on the right. Keep moving in the same direction to the right. After about five kilometers, you will reach a side road that you have to enter to reach the village of Ab Malakh after five or six kilometers. From here, the trek to Ab Malakh waterfall begins, which takes about half an hour.

The dirt road of Ab Malakh village is relatively good and can be moved by cars.

Very important point : If you went to this waterfall and went to the flat rocks of the river to photograph the waterfall and the mouth of Takht-e-Soleyman, be very careful not to fall into the river, because the water takes the person away with pressure and the river Behind the bridge hits the rocks extremely fiercely and dangerously.

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Ab Malakh Waterfall

This wonderful natural complex is located south of Semirom county

Another waterfall, behind the stone bridge

A Spring above the stone bridge that finally falls to river
Marbor river has strong waves behind the stone bridge

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Want travel to Iran? You Must First Know

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