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In this two-day nature trekking program, we will start walking in nature from Sang Chal village in the heights south of Amol in Mazandaran province and reach the village of Filband in higher altitudes. Then, after spending a night in the village of Filband, we will walk to the peak of Hasin Bon in the south of Filband and then we will descend to the Imamzadeh of Ghasem, and then we will enter the forest of Alimestan and walk through the forest to reach the village of Alimestan.

Sang Chal, a summer village

Sang Chal village is one of the summer resorts of Amol city and is located 45 km south of Amol city. This village has an altitude of about 1320 meters above sea level and is located in a mountainous and forested summer region of Mazandaran province.

 The natural scenery around Sangchal village is very beautiful, a combination of plains, meadows and forests with a view of the colorful gabled roofs.

Route to Sangchal village: On Haraz road from Tehran, 25 km left to Amol, there is a side road to Sangchal and Filband villages. This asphalt road goes to the summer heights of Amol city in a maze and uphill path. If you go 18 km on this road, you will reach the beautiful village of Sangchal.

This village has a temperate and relatively cool climate and there is no news about the sultry weather of Amol here. This beautiful village is inhabited both in summer and winter.

Our route to Filband village

We are now on the outskirts of Sangchal, 45 km from Amol, which is about 1320 meters above sea level. We have to go to Filband village, which is 57 km from Amol and at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level. This means that by traveling about 12 kilometers, we will increase the altitude by more than nine hundred meters. During this route, we will cut the width of the winding mountainous road between these two villages many times.

Finally we approach Filband village. it is still foggy and raining, and we have to find a shelter. Fortunately, in this village, there is a place similar to “Hosseinieh” or “Imamzadeh”, which has rooms that are rented to travelers and tourists.

Filband village, above an ocean of clouds

Filband village at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level is considered a summer resort for the cities of Babol and Amol in Mazandaran province.

Undoubtedly, the village of Filband is one of the best places in Iran where you can see an ocean of clouds under your feet during the days of spring and summer. This issue has attracted many tourists to this village.

Filband is about 56 km away from Amol in the heights of south of Amol and Babol cities. The best way to reach Filband is from Chalav village road on Haraz road. This road separates 25 km south of Amol from Haraz road and after 30 km it reaches the end of the road, ie Filband village, which is located in the highest part of this road.

Hasin Bon Peak

We spend the night in a room on the east side of Filband. Tomorrow we will have a heavy walk to the peak of Hasin Bon mountain and then to Alimestan forest. Hasin Bon peak is at an altitude of 3270 meters above sea level and to reach it we have to climbe a distance of about ten kilometers from Filband village to the southern heights of this village and during this route, we will increase the altitude by about 1000 meters.

At the beginning of today trekking we we see the sun rise over the sea of clouds in the valleys below us. On our way to the mountainous heights of this region, we see very beautiful lichens that I have not seen anywhere else. The pictures show the beauty of this route.

Imamzadeh Ghasem and the pits of Rostam Chal

From the top of Hasin Bon Peak (Filband Peak), our trek continues from the mountain heights to Imamzadeh Ghasem. Imamzadeh Ghasem is a small tomb that is located on a peak on the northwestern edge of Mount Hasin Bon and of course at a lower altitude (2450 meters above sea level). Another feature of this shrine is that it is located just above the heights of Alimestan forest and two large meteorite pits known as Rostam Chal are located on a flat hill downstream of this shrine.

Now we have reached the western edge of Alimestan forest near the heights of Imamzadeh Ghasem and before entering (landing) into the forest, we take a group souvenir photo.

Alimestan Forest, a spider mossy jungle

Alimestan forest is located near the city of Amol and is not far from Haraz road.

During the many years that I have been hiking, I have explored different forests, but I saw Alimestan forest differently from other forests.

This forest has a strange atmosphere. The branches of the trees are bent under the load of moss, as if moss, like spider webs, has taken over the branches and bodies of the trees. These bent trees in the moss create a wonderful yet scary atmosphere. When you were walking in the forest, it was as if you were walking in one of the prehistoric forests, and now you may encounter to dinosaurs.

To enter the Alimestan forest, you have to come to Haraz road from Tehran and about 30 km before reaching Amol, enter the side road of Lahash village until after seven kilometers of asphalt road, it reaches Lahash village and then through five kilometers of a dirt road, it reaches the village of Alimestan, which is the point of entering the forest. From here, you can start hiking in Alimestan forest.

With a few hours of walking in this forest, you can reach the upper heights of the forest and get out of the forest. By continuing the route outside the forest, you can reach the place of Chal Rostam pits and then reach Emamzadeh Ghasem.

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